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  1. Celine298

    Older sow suddenly getting... 'frisky'...

    Hi all! Just a quick question: has anyone ever seen an older sow suddenly become very 'frisky' when she comes into heat? I have three un-neutered females, Lola is three and Marilyn and Rosie are just gone a year old. Normally I have no problems when they come into heat, a little rumbling and...
  2. sarahpiggies

    Likely Ovarian Cysts, Spay Or Other Treatment?

    Hello everyone - I'm looking for advice on whether to go for a spay operation for my piggie Twiglet. I brought her into the exotics vet at Holly House in Leeds a week and a half ago as I suspected ovarian cysts. She has lost weight (usually 1kg, now hovering around 900 - 930g and her ribcage is...