hot climate

  1. A

    Small poops, Dehydration? Any advice appreciated!

    Hello everyone, please help me! My guinea pig (3yrs, female) has been making these really small poops recently (I'll attach a picture so you can see). I researched and it said possible illnesses could be dehydration or gut problems. I'm unsure if its gut problems since I reg give her probiotics...
  2. court29x

    long time no see..

    Haven't been on here in ages! Finished college for the year and its now officially my summer! Been just over a year I've had my 2 little piggies, they are still absolutely mental but still happy and healthy! Struggling to find shade in the garden for them :no: first thing this morning I put...
  3. E

    The hot weather

    Hey, I have 3 long haired guinea pigs and they really do hate the hot weather. They are fine in the garden as long as it’s 24degrees or below. Anything more like it has been over the weekend and they become very uncomfortable. Upon coming home today my other half found a very uncomfortable pig...
  4. Prasiddha

    Guinea pigs hair loss

    My piggy are all looking healthy and happy. Also I give them nutritious diet with fresh water. I have 2 cages with 2 girls and 2 boys. It is really hot and humid here. I have kept them in a room where there is a/c and fan. I somehow make sure I keep the temperature friendly and less hot for...