housing new piggies

  1. C

    Newbie! Advice on C&C

    Hi there! Newbie here hope I'm posting in the right place! I haven't owned piggies since I was a little girl but have now decided to add 2 baby sows to the family. They're due to come to us in 3 weeks! Originally the plan was to house them outside in a hutch but after research we've decided to...
  2. rinlalin

    Welcoming My New Piggie! Proper Size?

    hello all! i just got my little boy caramel a friend! his name is chocolate and i'll be posting pictures later. my question is, i have the midwest 8 sq ft cage. i work today and tomorrow and can't be around for bonding (plus, chocolate has to settle in for 24-48 hours). is this good enough for...