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how much

  1. Mystic_corgi

    How much?

    My guinea pigs love their pellets, but I am scared I am over feeding them I tend to just take a 1 cup scoop and barely fill it up to cover the bottom is that too little or too much?
  2. D

    I give my guinea pig 4 pieces of lettuce a day- is that ok?

    I give my guinea pig about 4 pieces of lettuce a day. Is that ok? Will he get sick or anything? Please tell me if it’s wrong and tell me how much to give him.
  3. Cherrychops100

    How Much Pellets?

    i have 3 sows 2 are 13 weeks, 1 is 8 weeks I currently feed them 1/8 cup per pig How much would you recommend to give them in grams or in cups? Am I feeding the right amount ? Thank you
  4. Alliepig

    How Much Food For Two Piggies? Complete Anwser

    Hi I was thinking the other day. How much food should a actually be giving to my Guinea pigs, witch includes veggies, lettuce things. I have heard for each pig for veggies and things you give them 1 cup per pig is that correct? And for pellets really confuses me, because; their main diet...