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  1. Ineedapiggie

    Money For Guinea Pigs

    I was wondering, I really want a guinea pig. But, how could I make money for them? How do you guys save up money to pay for your guinea pigs?
  2. Siikibam

    Mezzanine In Ferplast

    I'm seriously considering adding a mezzanine to the ferplast for the boys. I took the hide out that it came with, so any ideas would be good. Preferably not involving wood though. I'm off to ikea for some fleece as I'd like to move away from wood shavings. They are kind of dusty when you get...
  3. Katy Felix

    My Guinea Pig Died Very Suddenly And Disturbingly?

    i used to have two piggies, Maxy and cocoa. Maxy sadly died last night... he was fine only four hours earlier, popcorning, running and eating. Then I went to give him and coco bean their dinner, and he was lying in his pigloo. I scooped him up, and he was still alive. I cuddled him in a towel...