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  1. KatherineAlice

    Please be kind as I suffer with generalised anxiety disorder and I know I panic too much but I need advice

    Hi everyone, I hope this post doesn't come across as too stupid and if it does, please be kind. I bought two guinea pig over 2 weeks ago, and I didn't realise that they had ringworm. I took them to the vet because I'm new to keeping guinea pigs as an adult so I'm not too experienced in this...
  2. Arwen

    New Piggie Ice Breaking

    Hi! I'm super new to the whole guinea pig owner thing and I'm having a small problem. My piggie is not used to being held and every time I tried to take her out she would avoid me like crazy! I'm beginning to think that she is still not adapt to the new home even though we got her around two...
  3. kitkat1

    Can Guinea Pigs Transer Illnesses To Human?

    I was just curious if there was anything guinea pigs could tranfer to humans. Thanks :)