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hutch 6 ft run outdoor single storey double storey

  1. SarahM

    Which hutch

    Looking for some advice please. I have 2 gorgeous girls who I’ve had for around 3 months. They’re the first guinea pigs I have looked after :). I’ve had them indoors since I got them in Feb in a Ferplast 120 but have introduced them to outside living slowly into a Windsor hutch. They seem to...

    Best Hutch For Female Piggies 6ft Ideally

    Hello, I am just starting out with guinea pigs and I think I have a lot to learn. I rescued two female guinea pigs this week from someone who was no longer able to look after them. They came with a hutch, which I feel is far too small for them (36" x 32" x 18"). I have been looking online to...