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  1. Kats.username

    Ideas to help piggy smell?

    I’m sure many of you have had this similar question before, so I’d appreciate as many ideas as possible! I take good care of my guinea pigs and I clean the cage every week like I’m supposed to. It smells fine the day of, but they start getting smelly by the next day. Any advice on ways to...
  2. Leah<3

    How Do I Set Up Fleace Bedding For My Piggies?

    hello, I’ve had my girls for nearly 3 weeks now and was using wood shavings for their cage but i want to start using fleece instead. Is that easier to keep clean? I’m home every day as I am unwell and signed off work so I’ll be able to clear the poop a few times a day. Iv heard there are...
  3. Jesse's pigs

    What Is This?

    As some of you may know my Mo has an active grease gland which I keep on top of along with his man bits and bobs. However sometimes he will skid his bum and this 'stuff' will come out on the fleece. It does smell and has fur in it which I'm guessing is what has come off him and got caught when...
  4. Molly Isabella

    Cage Cleaning Routine

    Hello! So, I'm currently sorting out a new cleaning schedule as my current one has just not been working for me. (I have a secret addiction to planning routines after routines lol) I'd love to know your routines and how often you clean your piggies out etc. xoxo