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i dont know what to do

  1. L

    grease gland

    Does anybody know anything about something called a grease gland? it always kind of been on my guinea pig and I never knew what it was. I have to sort it out but I'm confused :) He also HATES baths and water? haha x -thanks
  2. D

    does this look normal?

    hello i’ve had my female guinea pig for over a week now. she was doing fine for the first 4 days, then i noticed she was scratching a lot. we went to the vet with her yesterday, but they said they can’t do a checkup. i told them about what i saw on her fur which was some white smal bugs on the...
  3. F

    My guinea pig is being lethargic

    So I have a blind 4 year old guinea pig named Alex. He is currently being very lethargic he is sitting in the corner of his cage and not doing anything but standing. He took the treat I gave him but he wouldn’t come up to the front of the cage like he always does. I took him out and looked...