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ill guinea pig

  1. H

    ill Guinea Pig Help

    Hello, I've had two guinea pigs for the last 5 years, both boys and they've lived together since they were around 8 weeks old. This morning, one of them was very lethargic and not very willing to eat so he went to the vets. The vet examined him and said he has either sprained his spine (he was...
  2. Animallover11

    Concerned for my piggie

    My piggies is making some unusual sounds he seems fine and is eating and drinking normally, it would be great if I could have some advice, thanks so much in advance !
  3. J

    Nose and Eye discharge

    I have had my guinea pigs for just over a year. One of my guinea pigs has had an eye discharge since last Friday so I took him to the vets and they told me his chest is clear and sent me away with eye drops. He has not really got much better and now has discharge on his nose, what shall I do...
  4. C

    Is my guinea pig dying?

    I have a 3 and a half year old boar. Noticed that he is off his food including salad and hay. His eyes are dull and sunken & he is hunched in appearance. He has lost weight too. Poop seems looser. Just doesn't look happy. Please advise so I can make him comfy.
  5. M

    Does my guinea pig have dry skin?

    Hello. This is my first post here, and really, the only reason I created this account is because I’m slightly worried about my guinea pig. I noticed some specks on his fur and I’m not exactly sure what they are. Dry skin? I honestly don’t know. Does anyone know what the specks are (shown in the...
  6. Gemm

    Guinea pig listless and not eating suddenly

    Hi Please can you help. My guinea pig (tiger) is only 1 and 1/2 years old and is usually very active. She was fine last night and ate her treat (a couple of pea flakes) as normal and was begging for more as usual! But this morning she did not stir for her morning veggies. When I picked her up...
  7. E

    Bloody mucus, help!

    Hi My 4 year old female guinea pig had soft poops that turned into diarrhea over about 4 days. Her stomach was also rumbling quite often and loudly. We took her to the vets and they said she may have picked something up and gave us fibreplex we gave her one dose of it yesterday and i was giving...
  8. Jeslubur

    Guinea pig lost appetite after neurering - any tips of tricks greatly appreciated!

    Hi, Our piggies were neutered last Tuesday and since then one of them has been feeling poorly and lost his appetite somewhat. Last Saturday we took him to the vets where he was given some medication to get his gut going after I noticed him not eating that morning. After the vet visit he...
  9. L

    Please help:( my babies are Ill....

    Hi, I am new to this forum, so hello fellow guinea pig owners :) Firstly, I have owned Guinea pigs for years! Absolutely love them. Our ones live outside in hutches and in a run during the day. I currently have 4 rescue piggies, 3 of them being females and one male. Yesterday, I decided to...
  10. raining.ashes

    Sneezing/pneumonia/lousy vet

    So far I have spent nearly twelve hundred dollars at this vet's office trying to clear my two guinea pigs of what the vet said was streptoccal pneumonia. She also said the tests claimed the bacteria was tested not to be resisted to the antibiotics she gave me. After two rounds of antibiotics in...
  11. C

    Are my piggies sick again?

    Hello I have 3 guinea pigs, 2 live together the one is on his own. They are all 11 months old I’ve had them since the start of this year. The Guinean pig living by himself had a respiratory infection around march this year. Then the 2 piggies living together but had respiratory infections in...
  12. C

    Advice about my ill guinea pig

    Hey guys, I’m new to this so I’m hoping to get some really good advice. I just recently got Mrs. Chloe on April 26tb 2018. I got her from a breeder. She is a young Guinea pig just by the way she looks and her size. The day after I got her, I started to see her right eye shrinking. Since I’ve...
  13. R

    Help, guinea pig eating less and slow

    Ever since i came back from a four day holiday my guinea pig, Patchy, was eating his dinner and grass extremely slowly, and he seemed to look unwell. He and his brother, Chewy (the most confident piggy in the world) were at my mothers friends house. But this weekend was extremely hot and the...
  14. PiggieNinja

    What Illness Is This?

    Hi everyone, I've had willow (sow) for about 2 years now and ever since we got her she's had the sniffles. During the first two months I went to the vets a couple of times (particularly as one of my other pigs had a URI and I thought she may have it too) but they just told me that it's nothing...
  15. HW023

    Pig Off Food, Need Help!

    Sorry, this is gonna be a long one. I need help. Ive had my baby Pigpog for 3 years. i adopted him and they didnt know how old he was so his overall age is a mystery. A few months ago he started drinking more than usual, took him to the vet they said just keep an eye on it, if it get too...
  16. H

    My Journey With "an Evil Pig"

    Hello! My name is Hayley and i would like to share my experience thus far as a guinea pig owner to give new pet parents a new perspective on raising boars and/or sows. My first interaction with a guinea pig was when i started my job in pet care at my local Petsmart. We were a brand new...
  17. ChubbyCarrots

    Will My Piggies Die?! -3 Degrees

    I have two 1 and 1/2 year old male guinea pigs, my garage is currently being redone so we can’t bring them in and my parents don’t want them in the house! It is -3 degrees outside and the snow is up to my knees, the hutch is on top of a run so I’m not worried about the snow hitting them but I’m...
  18. A

    Sudden Death?

    Hi all, So I owned 4 guinea pigs. 2 of them are around 2 1/2 years old, one is 2 and the other is 1 years old. One of my guinea pigs (purchased from pets at home, big mistake) has had constant health problems over the last 2 years. Originally a few weeks after getting her she was breathing...
  19. S

    In Need Of Some Quick Help!

    Hi everyone. I ran to this forum not too long ago about my guinea pig Chewie's eye. I had taken him to the vet as all of you suggested and the doc told me I had nothing to worry about. Must've just been some hay that poked him and she sent me home with some cream. Now Chewie's got a bigger...
  20. Pigsneedlovetoo

    Why Does His Face Look Like This?!

    I rescued a very young sick pig from a countrywide pet store. When I first got him he just had crusty fur around his nose but the fur and crust fell off and now looks like this! Look familiar to anyone?