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ill guinea pig

  1. Angelina_97866

    Bereaved Guinea Pig

    My 4 year old boar (Rhubarb) has recently been bereaved (3 days ago) and his health appears to be deteriorating rapidly. I’m in holiday right now and have been for 2 weeks and I won’t be getting back for another 4 days. My pigs have been with a paid pig sitter and she has told me that...
  2. Tuftyhuns

    Noisy breathing

    Hi all, My Guinea has developed this strange breathing, it sounds as if she is sort of snoring when she breathes like she has a cold/congested? It’s really on and off she’s not doing it constantly. She’s absolutely fine in herself being the greedy girl she always is! I’ve taken her to the vets...
  3. stewietankfrank

    Growth on lower gums? No clue what it is

    Hey everyone I just adopted a new baby from my local animal shelter. I brought him home and let him get settled and once he was a little more relaxed I did a little check in to see if he was in good health or if I missed anything at the shelter. I noticed a slight smell around his mouth so I...
  4. TaraS-D

    Immobile pig seizuring

    My 4 and a half year old Guinea pig suddenly went downhill this morning. We came down to her not being able to move properly and eating slightly. We took her to the vet and her eyes weren’t responding to light, and she had a slight head tilt. We were prescribed gut medication, lexicom and...
  5. A

    Piggie not eating

    Hey piggie is 3/4 year old. I don’t the correct age as she was orphan before. She is not eating since 14.11 morning(no hay no treat) I have been to the doctor yesterday and today (14.11 & 15.11) I am asked to force feed her with syringe. I want to know do someone has tips so that I can motivate...
  6. C

    Am I a bad owner?

    Today my baby boy Ginge, was euthanized today at the age of roughly 4 and a half years he has been ill for nearly 2 years it was when he was primarily going for a toilet, he was having trouble peeing and pooing and squeaking while doing this everytime he was freezing in pain, he was fine in...
  7. N

    how to reduce the pain of my guinea pig with Arthritis

    Hello all, My guinea pig fluffy was just diagnosed with Arthritis two days ago 😭He is about 5.5 years old. He has it in his spine and knees and it’s painful enough that he’s not walking. The vet prescribed Meloxicam for pain relief but he’s still crying when I pick him up to clean his poop. I...
  8. M

    Unexplained weight loss please help!

    Hello, My guinea pig Tony has been gradually losing weight for a few months now and I’m starting to get really worried. He’s 2.5 years old and now weighs 930g. At his heaviest about a year ago he was 1175g but I didn’t notice he was losing weight until December when he weighed 1090g. I took him...
  9. J

    Help- Anorexic and lethargic guinea pig

    Hi, this is the first time I’ve used this but I’m looking for advice. My guinea pig is 2.5 years old, she lives indoors with 3 other female pigs. She’s had no major changes that I can think of, but this morning she was off her food. We tried her with her usual chard, as well as green beans and...
  10. O

    Ringworm Treatment

    Does anyone know of anything good to treat ringworm infection for my fur baby? Its a very early stage and I want to prevent it from spreading or getting worse. I have currently separated my other two from her and I clean the cage daily so not sure how she got it. I clean the fleece lining and...
  11. Guineapigsmcr

    Possible Hay Poke? Opinions Please

    My guineapig Moo ( neutered male 2yrs Old) seems to have an issue with his left eye. We think it may be an injury such as hay poking but we are not sure. we have only noticed this yesterday evening. Other days he was fine we are sure. (I have attached images at the end of this post) His eye is...
  12. N

    malocclusion: what do I do?

    Hello, my name is Ewa and my guinea pig is Apollo! He’s a 6 year old white crested boy. Yes he’s an old guy. So Apollo has malocclusion and has had his back teeth done 3 times over the past 2 and a half months. He is also developing problems with his front teeth growing unequally and the top...
  13. MeganSambrook

    Going downhill - vet advice

    Hi our Bobby (boar) has recently had ‘tear drop shaped’ poo - only for a day or two so thought we would keep an eye on and thought maybe it was introduction of the new herbs. Today he has really not been his usual self, quiet in his little house and not coming out or eating as much. I had him...
  14. B

    Blood in poop?

    Hi everyone, I have a 1 and a half year old guinea pig named Bubbles and this morning I noticed he had a small amount of what seemed to be blood in his poop? It was quite a big poop so it could of just be where he had strained and it was a small amount but should I be concerned? He has had no...
  15. Lola_Little_Piggie

    Can someone please help? - Very sore skin problem near eye

    Hello. I am David and i have a little Guinea pig. She is a female, about 3 months old and we have her since she was 2 months old. We were with her at a vet but the vet didnt give us any real answers. For the last 2 weeks i tried my best to take care but to no succes. I put the photo of what she...
  16. L

    4 Pigs with Lice

    I found out my 4 guinea pigs have lice and they are getting their medicine tomorrow, but I am not sure how to prevent reinfestation while using fleece bedding. I am wondering if anyone knows if I can wash the fleece or will it need thrown? I'm not sure if the medicine is protective or only...
  17. A

    Guinea pig Eye infection

    My little buddy's eye seemed crusty and was secreting a white fluid so I took him to the vet and they gave me some eye drops that were supposed to help, but it's been two weeks and there hasn't been improvement. I was hoping someone could help me maybe recognize what he has and suggest some...
  18. G

    Please help my guinea pig is twitching and has sneezed

    Please help I really don’t know if she is ill and she’s a baby I would say they are under 2 months old pleassseee help me I’m really concerned please help me 😭😭😭😭😭
  19. L

    Clicky breath and twitching, please help!

    My guinea pig has suddenly become very sluggish. She’s been hiding in her room all day, I decided to leave her alone but do my work next to the cage so I could check up on her. About 40 minutes ago her breath became heavier and I could hear a clicking sound. So I took out her room and had a look...
  20. H

    Specialist What killed my other guinea pigs? And how to save my last

    Okay so up until recently I owned eight guinea pigs all different ages youngest were newborn after I bought her and was told she was a boy which was 'confirmed' by a vet. Anyway as soon as I realized I removed the male in her cage and she gave birth to four healthy babies and one stillborn :(...