ill guinea pig

  1. A

    Guinea pig Eye infection

    My little buddy's eye seemed crusty and was secreting a white fluid so I took him to the vet and they gave me some eye drops that were supposed to help, but it's been two weeks and there hasn't been improvement. I was hoping someone could help me maybe recognize what he has and suggest some...
  2. G

    Please help my guinea pig is twitching and has sneezed

    Please help I really don’t know if she is ill and she’s a baby I would say they are under 2 months old pleassseee help me I’m really concerned please help me 😭😭😭😭😭
  3. L

    Clicky breath and twitching, please help!

    My guinea pig has suddenly become very sluggish. She’s been hiding in her room all day, I decided to leave her alone but do my work next to the cage so I could check up on her. About 40 minutes ago her breath became heavier and I could hear a clicking sound. So I took out her room and had a look...
  4. H

    Specialist What killed my other guinea pigs? And how to save my last

    Okay so up until recently I owned eight guinea pigs all different ages youngest were newborn after I bought her and was told she was a boy which was 'confirmed' by a vet. Anyway as soon as I realized I removed the male in her cage and she gave birth to four healthy babies and one stillborn :(...
  5. M

    I think my piggie has stone or maybe something worse!

    A few weeks ago I noticed my piggy would squeak when using the bathroom so I started to suspect he has a UTI. I took him to the vet who confirmed he had a UTI but he mentions that his urine was a little gritty so maybe he was forming a stone. That was ten days ago, I gave him all of the both...
  6. M

    Feeling guilty about my guinea pig's death

    My 3 and a half years old guinea pig, named Koui, just passed away in my arms. For 5 months now she had a problem with her foot, most likely a pododermatitis. But here in Greece, we don't have specialized vets for guinea pigs. Most of them actually no nothing about their health care. I took her...
  7. L

    HELP! My pig is hooting!

    Hello! My boy Pip has started making hooting noises! Since last night, he has not moved very far from his little house. I would say Pip is a little bit of an over achiever when it comes to his day to day life so I am very worried for him. He will not eat his favorite hay, nor will he drink...
  8. xmegj_96x

    Help with Zithromax dosing and URI

    Hi, firstly I'd just like to say that i've been using this forum for help for many years but have only just made an account to make my first thread as usually I am able to find the info I need from others but I am now in a bit of a tricky situation and I'm not sure where else might be able to...
  9. Guptheguineapig

    Specialist Ear Infection/falling over

    Hello there! I have a little girl named Tippy. She was a rescue from a pet store. She was kept in the back room because she had a head tilt and they couldn't put her out in the front with the rest of the pigs... When I rescued her she was reported infection free (which now I don't believe)...
  10. K

    Elevated Liver Enzymes

    Has anyone had a piggy with elevated liver enzymes? We have an ultrasound next Tuesday, but I’m sick with worry, especially after we had to go to an emergency clinic last night because my piggy had painful urination. (We left the vet with painkillers and antibiotics that don’t affect the...
  11. fiafia

    please help - change in behaviour

    Hi, my roommate and I purchased our sweet piggy, Clio, on April 5th. She is a very small and sweet piggy and has never been aggressive or nervous in the slightest until recently. She is normally pretty laid back piggy that loves cuddles and quality time. I have been noticing an attitude switch...
  12. B

    Ill guines pig got bit by his cagemate

    Hi there! Long time lurker but this is my first post! I've learned a lot from this forum but was hoping to get some opinions and/pr advice. I am a first time Guinea Pig owner so I'm still learning new things about them. My 2 year old, Schmill, has recently been diagnosed with a bladder stone...
  13. T

    Dental Guinea pig not eating after dental work

    Hi all cavvy lovers! We took our beloved 5 year old boar to the vets last Wednesaday as he had stopped eating, the vet kept him in overnight and performed an investigation the following morning. She ended up filing his back teeth at they had curled right over trapping his tongue, and she cut...
  14. A

    Weight & Hair loss

    Hi all, One of my pigs, female aged around 3-4, has been losing weight for around a year now. She is very skinny but eating normal (huge interest in food!) we noticed an increase in how much she is drinking, but the vet said he couldn't find a problem. She has now seen 3 vets who cant seem to...
  15. H

    ill Guinea Pig Help

    Hello, I've had two guinea pigs for the last 5 years, both boys and they've lived together since they were around 8 weeks old. This morning, one of them was very lethargic and not very willing to eat so he went to the vets. The vet examined him and said he has either sprained his spine (he was...
  16. Animallover11

    Concerned for my piggie

    My piggies is making some unusual sounds he seems fine and is eating and drinking normally, it would be great if I could have some advice, thanks so much in advance !
  17. J

    Nose and Eye discharge

    I have had my guinea pigs for just over a year. One of my guinea pigs has had an eye discharge since last Friday so I took him to the vets and they told me his chest is clear and sent me away with eye drops. He has not really got much better and now has discharge on his nose, what shall I do...
  18. C

    Is my guinea pig dying?

    I have a 3 and a half year old boar. Noticed that he is off his food including salad and hay. His eyes are dull and sunken & he is hunched in appearance. He has lost weight too. Poop seems looser. Just doesn't look happy. Please advise so I can make him comfy.
  19. M

    Does my guinea pig have dry skin?

    Hello. This is my first post here, and really, the only reason I created this account is because I’m slightly worried about my guinea pig. I noticed some specks on his fur and I’m not exactly sure what they are. Dry skin? I honestly don’t know. Does anyone know what the specks are (shown in the...
  20. Gemm

    Guinea pig listless and not eating suddenly

    Hi Please can you help. My guinea pig (tiger) is only 1 and 1/2 years old and is usually very active. She was fine last night and ate her treat (a couple of pea flakes) as normal and was begging for more as usual! But this morning she did not stir for her morning veggies. When I picked her up...