1. Lolaandsandy

    Sore Eye, Tilting Head. Please Help Now!

    I took the cover off my piggy hutch this morning and found my 1 year old female guinea pig just sitting there not moving, we discovered that her eye wouldn't open and we are really worried. She is tilting her head to the side of the sore eye and we don't know what to do. We gave her her...
  2. F

    Unexplained Illness

    Can anyone help? Female pig age 3.5years. Has been loosing a little bit of weight, very gradually, over time. She is now underweight. 2/3 weeks ago, she got diarrhea, which she recovered from the next day. But I took her to the vet, who agreed she was underweight. He thought it was her teeth, as...
  3. BenjiAndButtons

    Continued Health Issues

    Hi Guys, I have two 2 year old boars. One of them has had a few issues lately. He was acting strange and had a slight interest in food but couldn't seem to eat, we thought it may be his teeth but after a trip to the vets, she decided he had a temp and possible tummy bug, he was given baytril...
  4. L

    Help! Lump On Guinea Pig :(

    Hi, I have noticed this rather large lump on my guinea pigs stomach. He also looks like his coat is greasy and full of white specs. Anyone have any ideas ? :( taking him to the vet tomorrow
  5. T

    Dental Guinea Pig- Post Dental Operation

    I have had my little Buzzbe since birth and he is the cuddliest cutest most adorable boy in the world. For the past 2 & 1/2 months I have been trying my best to nurse him back to health after I noticed he stopped eating and drinking overnight. I panicked and called the closest vet and they...
  6. AdamFrench

    Multiple Sow Issues

    We are having no luck at the moment. Tao was taken into the vets for a repeat white bum. She had 10 days on Baytril and the symptoms would not remain away. An x-ray showed she had a thickened uterus wall. So another 28 day course, double dose, was prescribed. She stopped eating so the...
  7. K

    Help Asap - Seizures

    I received two guinea pigs from my ex-boyfriends brother because they were neglected and they have been in a loving home since, but Charlie has been acting very strange and i'm extremely worried. I haven't been able to find anything online about it and I won't have money to take him to the vet...
  8. caseypig

    Guinea Pig Gas - Help Please

    Hello! I've been lurking on this forum for a while and would very much appreciate some advice. My 3yr old boar has been having teeth problems recently, but has been on the mend since seeing Simon the vet in Northampton. He's been on a strong antibiotic for a month, finished yesterday, plus .25...
  9. Lily and Coco

    Please Help My Guinea Is Sick!

    This is a pic of my piggie, I don't know what to do, PLEASE HELP! hat is going on PLEASE HELP ME! :help:
  10. Alexandra West

    Clicking Noise?

    Hello, I'm here again. Just today around 3:30 I took Finnian, my 6-8 week old piggie to the vet to get checked for a URI. He said Finnian was fine, and all was well. I cleaned his eye boogers off gently with a warm Q-tip, and he was fine. When I was cuddling him, I noticed a strange clicking...
  11. Alexandra West

    Baby Piggy With Uri?

    I just got a baby guinea pig today (he's about 6-8 weeks I think?) and he makes a weird noise before making a noise that sound like he's coughing or choking? His nose isn't runny but he keeps nearly closing one of his eyes. I can't find any thing on this and I'm scared? Please help? He also is...
  12. S

    Salty - Ill (help Would Be Great)

    My guinea pig, salty is currently ill, and we strongly believe it is associated with pooing as his ass is starting to be very brown (covered in poo) as we constantly clean it (once every two days) as he also squeaks whilst pooing (squeaks at least 5 times) and then lets out a strange squeak. I...
  13. PiggyRuss

    Coping With Piggy Loss

    Hi everyone, Hope you are all well. I have just signed up to this forum so I can speak with other piggy lovers and share experiences and get advice. My wife and I have kept two lovely Guinea Pigs, Cairo and Caesar, since we moved in together nearly 8 years ago. They have always lived in the...
  14. Lou142

    Tooth Grinding/ Rumbling

    My Guinea pig, Flora has started making quite low pitched rumbling/grinding sounds. I'm not quite sure if she is grinding her teeth or if she is making this noise another way. It's quite a hard noise to describe but it kind of sounds like she's trying to make a rumbling sound but not very well...
  15. kerri Davidson

    Very Ill Guinea Piggy, Please Help

    Hi there, My 1 year old little guinea pighad became very ill suddenly. When i went down on Tuesday morning at 6:30 he was hiding in his house, which really isnt like him, but i fed and watered him as usual. Came home from work at 6:30pm, 12 hours later, and no nuggets, hay or water had been...
  16. Molly Isabella

    Guinea Pig Won't Eat Hard Foods?

    Hi everyone! Okay, so my piggie Kenco has not been right for a while. She seemed to be losing weight and not eating hard foods. By that I mean the foods like carrot, cucumber, pepper. Anything with a bite to it, really. She devours her greens, loves them. So, of course I took her to the exotic...
  17. PiggieNinja

    Please Help! Head Tilt!

    This morning i noticed that Willow my 1 year old guinea pig has got a head tilt. I assume it is an ear infection but it could be worse. Today being sunday it would cost me £150+ to go to the vets (which i am obviously reluctant to do) evidently I will take her to the vets tomorrow but I'm so...
  18. Molly Isabella

    Urgent: Advice On Sick Piggy With Bladder Sludge. (euthanasia?)

    (I'm from the United Kingdom) Hi guys. My piggie Oreo is just about 3 years of age. She's always had some health issues and has just been genuinely unlucky. A few months ago she had an operation for an abscess on the side of her stomach. That went successfully and she recovered. For the last...
  19. SazzaG96

    Running Mites

    I believe my boys has got mites as i can see bug crawling in their fur! I was wondering what has caused this, is it common and how do i treat? Can i buy something to fix it or should I go straight to vet?
  20. PiggieNinja

    Lonely Guinea Pig

    A recently discovered that one of oh rescue pigs is actually male . Consiquently we have had to seperate him from his two lady comanions to whom he has taken a liking. The cages are next to each other and he keeps trying to escape into theirs . He is really fidgity and is constantly looking...