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illness and death

  1. Lance_Percy

    Guinea pig died of suspected pneumonia

    Hello, My guinea pig (Lance) died yesterday morning of suspected pneumonia. He was nearly 3 years old. He first had a URI a few months after we adopted him, he would have been 6 or 7 months at that point. Since then he’s had 2 more URIs and he responded well to antibiotics. His last URI was in...
  2. elecl

    I failed at taking care of Timmie, she peacefully passed on april 19.

    Hi, thank you for taking the time to read my post. In October 2019, we adopted 2 incredible guinea pigs. One of them was called Timmie and she was always so energetic, she was so so so adorable, always happy and very very excited for food. Around april 11, I noticed that Tim's butt was very...
  3. UltraVioletKaty

    Guinea Pig suddenly passing away

    Hi there, I'm new here so please bear with me. To fill everyone in, I got my two little guinea pig babies in November 2021, I had them growing up and always wanted my own when I had the space. I have two little brothers, Koda and Bear. The whole time I have had them had no issues when them not...
  4. L

    Guinea Pig Treatment, Possible Overdose, need help

    Hi everyone, I have read these forums for advice in the past but never thought I would be writing for help. I was wondering if anyone had any advice. I brought my 6 month old guinea pig, Arnold, (weighed 750 grams) to an emergency vet late evening as he was not eating that day. He had...
  5. D


    So this is about my moms guinea pig. she is 8 yrs old. since 2019, her guinea pig’s legs became paralyzed. and this year, she has lost complete mobility. she lays on her side unable to move at all. her eyes are also red with white discharge that leaks. she still has a appetite but my mom hand...
  6. M

    Lost my 8 month old boar today

    My young rescue guinea pig Binx was playing and eating just fine until Sunday. He is 8 months old, 5 of those months spent with us. He is housed with his buddy in a 6x3 C&c cage indoors and enjoyed a variety of veggies and hay each day. On Sunday I noticed he stopped eating and drinking and...
  7. Megham

    Accepting the fragility of guinea pigs - do i carry on keeping them?

    Hello everyone this is my first post so please forgive me if I've done something wrong. I've had Guinea pigs since I was around 10. My first 2 lived to be ripe old men dying of old age at around 8 with no other problems. I think this altered my expectations so when I got pigs when I was a...
  8. G

    Desperate - Massive fast weight loss and no vet diagnosis

    I've made an account out of desperation as I really need help with my piggy His name is Gunnie he is about 2.5 years old. He has been eating less and less and has been making noises like he is in pain when he pees. He has been weight for the past 3 nights, all between 10 pm - 12am: 19/02...
  9. P

    Twitching Guinea Pig

    My 1 year old Guinea pig passed away not long ago. She fell to her side and started twitching repeatedly for about 20 mins until she passed away. We suspect this might be because of some sort of mite or parasite but I check her skin and hair weekly and she had shown no signs or symptoms or...
  10. M

    Liver Problem

    Please help me out guys , so my guinea pig is 5 years old , recently i noticed that she has lost a lot of weight , i could feel all her bones . I took her to the vet and he told me she had problems with liver (hepatomegalia and cirrhosis ) , also some gas because of veggies i gave to her. Low...
  11. A


    hello, my guinea pig is 3 years old and recently went through surgery last week for his back teeth, he then started eating again and doing small poops, today we think he might have diarrhoea and he has stopped eating once again, anything we can do?
  12. L

    Coping with the loss of my furry friends

    Hi; my name is lily and today I lost 3 of my 4 guinea pigs. I'm so heart broken- I'd had them for at least 2 years and miss them dearly. Our last baby is ill but okay- the vet says they all had chest infections and the sudden heat in the uk killed them. Does anyone have any advice for advancing...
  13. S

    Sudden Death With Beloved Piggie

    Our little "elf" passed this am and my children will be heart-broken! I belive she was sold to us as a dwarf, but she grew plently big, not huge, but the same size as our other adult pig. Did we over-feed her? I am searching for answers, does anyone know if I may have hurt our guinea by using...