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  1. Hannahb2804

    First aid kit for piggies

    I’m thinking of making a first aid kit for home with things in I might need if piggies get sick so wondered if anyone knows what’s best to buy in for any sort of thing I might encounter? Any suggestions would be fab x
  2. M

    My guinea pig is losing hair and I don't know what to do

    I have three guinea pigs, two that are around a month or so old, and one that is one year old. The one-year-old one is named Oreo, she is an American guinea pig. Ever since I got her, 5 months ago, she had been losing hair (more than the other guinea pigs) but recently she has been losing a lot...
  3. MadPiggies :D

    Scratch Scarring

    My piggies are sick and when syringe feeding I ended up with a big scratch on my hand from they not cooperating. Will it scar!?! XO I have had it for around 2 days and it's going a bit brown
  4. Lunaandmaggie

    Worrie And Runny Nose

    So I just got a guinea pig from the store. And she has harness around her nose and she sneezes I don't know what that means but I'm very worried do you guys have any advice for me? Thank you her name is Maggie by the way she's so cute I don't want her to get hurt.
  5. TheCavySlave

    Will He Be Infected?

    So, a family member has a cold, and I read that when a human has a cold they're vulnerable to bacterial infections that can be passed easily to guinea pigs. I tried telling him not to stroke the boys but he just stroked Godfrey's head:hb:will he be okay? Will wipe with a baby wipe just in case...