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  1. D


    Hey guys so this is an update we’re actually gonna cremeate him tomorrow due to some things that have happen but I’m scared I feel bad there burning my baby but I want a memory of him and a snip it of his fur they can provide ik that it’s just his body and his soul has left but I just miss him 💔
  2. Carmina

    My Little Cutie Piggy Passed Away, But Her Memories Will Remain Forever. We Love You.

    Words can't define, how thankful we are to have you in our life. My piggy just died last 09.05.17, at the age of 5. It was so painful, and I felt our home has a missing pieces. Wherever you are now, baby. I wanna say "sorry" because I was not there when you left. I wanna say "I/We love you" very...