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  1. M

    Bonding is not going well :(

    I’ve had my guinea pig for about two months with out any problem. She’s about a month and a half old. So I decided to get a new one so they can bond. I reached out to a rescue and they had one female named lea she’s at least half a year old ( 100g bigger) but that said she was antsy. I wanted...
  2. H

    They are so noisy what do I do

    So I am very new to this don’t know if I am posting this in the right place but anyway I really need help as I just got 2 female guinea pigs today and they seemed to settle in fine. Shy to start with but came out abit and wernt overly loud or really quiet. It is now currently 3.23am and they...
  3. Ems piggies

    Indoor Piggies

    Hey everyone! Hope you had a great weekend! I'm new on the forum and th main reason I signed up was because of this issue. Recently one of my boars, Ollie, died I know this was because my Guinea pigs are housed outdoors in a huge hutch which was great when we got it in the summer months...