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in case of emergency

  1. J


    Sorry to bother you, I'm new to this forum but one of my guinea pigs nibbled a little bit off a peace lily! I've heard they're highly poisonous and I really have no idea what to do. I can't believe I let one of them near one! Argh. Anyway, he seems okay for now but I scheduled a vet appointment...
  2. A

    I lost my friend :(

    Hi Everyone. My name is Amit and i am from India. My uncle gave me a female guinea pig few years ago. At that time she looks so immature but i dont know about her actual age. Time passed and she became our family member. She usually eats everytime she became healthy but didn't grown in size...
  3. Kallasia

    In Case Of Emergency - Window Sign

    Hi all, I've put together this sign to put in the window of the house. What do you reckon? Does anyone have similar on display? Would you advise different wording?