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  1. C

    Advice needed for rescuing piggies

    Hey! Sorry for the long winded message. We’re off to rescue a couple of little piggies and I’d be grateful for any advice. We originally planned to adopt from a rescue (trying to teach my children the importance of rescuing rather than buying from a pet store) so we expected to get 2/3...
  2. Lil3piggies

    Transition From Inside To Out!

    Hello! More questions I’m afraid haha. So we currently have Arty in a hutch indoors (he is getting a friend very soon!) the hutch was intended for outdoors but I sweet talked my other half into letting it stay in the spare room but he keeps saying about it going outside in the better weather...
  3. court29x

    Finally Indoors!

    After a week at my sisters while I was on holiday and after me completely rearranging my bedroom for them, my girlies have finally officially became indoor piggies! they still have lots of grass time but are my roomies from now onwards! I am enjoying it so much, its a little bit messy on my...
  4. sparkle

    Guinea Pigs Questions.

    Recently I have been thinking about moving my guinea pigs from outdoors to indoors. I have already asked about this however, I am now trying to think a bit about the space I have and other animals I may be getting in the future. I have a few questions and I would really appreciate it if anyone...
  5. sparkle

    Pros And Cons Of Keeping Guinea Pigs Indoors Or Outdoors?

    I have 2 guinea pigs who are living outside and I am considering bringing them in permanently. I have another forum post where I was asking a bit about bringing guinea pigs indoors however, I decided to make another one asking for the pros and cons of keeping guinea pigs indoors or outdoors. If...
  6. Misty

    Help Needed Indoors?

    Hi I want to ask if anyone can help me I would like to house my two male piggies inside in my room. I have asked my parents about but they said no because they "will smell and their meant to be outside. I want to know if this is true so I can change my parents minds? Please help thank you so...
  7. bumbling-bambi

    Incense Around Piggies?

    Myself and my partner both absolutely love to burn a little bit of incense to keep our house smelling nice! Now we haven't done so since we got our piglets because we couldn't find anything online to say if it was safe or not - so seeing as I've joined this forum i thought you would be the best...
  8. Solspiggies

    2 Month Old Outdoor Born Piggies Nervous In New Indoor Home.

    Hi, I'm a new Piggie owner, adopted two sisters yesterday born to a friend of mine. So far they have been born and lived outdoors in a chicken coop, surrounded by chickens, lots of piggies and in very dusty wildlife conditions being fed only fesh grass and veg. Also I will mention I live in the...
  9. Ems piggies

    Indoor Piggies

    Hey everyone! Hope you had a great weekend! I'm new on the forum and th main reason I signed up was because of this issue. Recently one of my boars, Ollie, died I know this was because my Guinea pigs are housed outdoors in a huge hutch which was great when we got it in the summer months...