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injured leg

  1. G

    Dropped guinea pig with back leg paralysis

    Hey, so long story, my friend brought his kids over to see my guinea pigs and ended up dropping one of them while my back was turned, we rushed him to the local vets and hes okay, however hes now struggling to use his back legs, hes not in much pain as far as the vet can tell and weve been given...
  2. H

    Limping suddenly

    I came home from work today and suddenly my young boy Scooter has a VERY pronounced limp. He holds his front right foot off the ground no matter what, not putting any weight on it. I don't see any blood or torn fur, so its not an injury from his cage mate, but it still has me concerned... I've...
  3. N

    Guinea Pig Foot Cut

    Hey guys so my Guinea Pig started bleeding quite a bit from a cut on the bottom of his foot. I'm still not sure what caused the cut. I cleaned it out and wrapped bandages around the foot to try and stop the bleeding. My concern is that he is running around the cage a lot and trying to bite the...
  4. Opossum_fur

    Guinea pig rolls and will not get up

    Hello, I own two male guinea pigs Calvin and Hobbes. I adopted them 1 - 2 years ago the shelter was unaware of their age so I sadly do not know their current exact age. Today Hobbes squeaked loudy and I found Calvin in the hut with him, I picked Hobbes up and my placed him on my stomach because...
  5. Rytix

    Something wrong with guinea pig leg (broken?)

    I was recently on vacation for 4 days and had my neighbours watching over my guinea pigs, but when I returned today there was a problem with one of my female guinea pigs. Her right hind leg was being dragged and she put her weight on her other side. Her leg was fine before I left for vacation...
  6. Kiko+Peanut

    Possible Broken Leg.

    :help:I could use some help. I'm afraid Kiko's leg might be broken or injured. She limps everywhere and doesn't run, popcorn, anything. Peanut follows her everywhere and gives her a good nudge when Kiko plops down. Peanut is trying her best to help her. My mother was trying to check out Kiko's...
  7. ChubbyCarrots

    Buddy Has Injured Himself Twice This Week!

    Hi guys, I really need your help! Just this week my little guinea pig (Buddy- 18 months) fell out of the waist-height hutch twice this week! Now he’s limping, the vets said he will recover but I’m getting worried about him falling out of the hutch. He always rubs it off but I’m getting really...
  8. Z

    Injured Leg - Ideas?

    Hi there, I got my 6 year old female Guinea pig out of the cage today and noticed that she was limping rather heavily and not wanting to bear weight on her back right. Any ideas what it could be? She will rest on it when she's sitting, and she's fine with us touching it (gently, of course)...