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injured pig

  1. x_x

    Guinea pig fell!

    I have a little guinea pig that is almost an year old. Today she was really excited by her food and squirmed out of my hands to run towards the food when I picked her up. At that moment I was standing near the balcony door and I think she fell on the ridges at the floor that are there for a...
  2. T

    Curious grudge

    Hello all! My husband and I have two boars who are approximately a year and a half to 2 years old.. they initially seemed bonded well.. we had to put them in a smaller enclosure than we wanted (probably too small) about 6 months after we got them because of some temporary changes in sleeping...
  3. S

    how to stop my guinea pig from scratching a healing wound?

    as i mentioned in my previous post, one of my girls has a cut on her nose and just below her eye from a squabble between her and her sister. the cut is healing however she keeps scratching it, often to the point of tearing off the scab and drawing blood again. she's obviously causing herself...
  4. E

    Paralyzed Back Legs

    You all have been so helpful and I need some words of wisdom and any advise! Let me start by saying that I'm in the US and finding a good vet for my elderly pig has been very difficult! My most recent vet moved, so I went back to a practice I'd been to before but switched vets within that...