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  1. rubberduckytoy

    Weird Thing on my Guinea Pig’s Eye!

    A couple days ago I noticed my baby Ramen’s eye was looking weird and I looked all over the internet to try and find out what’s wrong with her but never found anything. :td: Her behavior hasn’t changed much and she still takes care of herself like before, but she hates it when I try to touch...
  2. H

    Limping suddenly

    I came home from work today and suddenly my young boy Scooter has a VERY pronounced limp. He holds his front right foot off the ground no matter what, not putting any weight on it. I don't see any blood or torn fur, so its not an injury from his cage mate, but it still has me concerned... I've...
  3. P

    Ear torn badly.

    Warning: Image of injury at bottom. Phil and Alex have had a fight. I'm used to their normal bickering but today was by far the worse. Phil's ear has been torn nearly in two, I can see white which I assume is cartilage. When I picked him up i found many scratches that had scabbed over under...
  4. Opossum_fur

    Guinea pig rolls and will not get up

    Hello, I own two male guinea pigs Calvin and Hobbes. I adopted them 1 - 2 years ago the shelter was unaware of their age so I sadly do not know their current exact age. Today Hobbes squeaked loudy and I found Calvin in the hut with him, I picked Hobbes up and my placed him on my stomach because...
  5. Nattzzz

    HELP! Injured inside ear.

    My two boars Cinnamon and Marble got in a huge fight yesterday. They’re now permanently separated. I heard cinnamon chatter and I sat up immediately but it was too late, I then heard him bang marble up against the cage and marble was just screaming so loudly. I rushed and picked marble up trying...
  6. G

    My Guinea Pig’s Paw is Bleeding!

    Hi! I’m the owner of two guinea pigs. Patches (the older one) and Carmal (the younger one). So I came in to there cage to feed them their veggies. I then noticed Patches paw was red. At first, I thought it was just his coloring. So I fed Carmal his veggies. I also noticed that Patches didn’t eat...
  7. M

    Injured or impaction?

    Hey there, two months ago me and my girlfriend purchased our second guinea pig from the pet store. He was very tame from the beginning, happy, timid, but happy. We named him Eddie. He is a long haired ginger colored piggy and the sweetest little guinea. Recently, he started acting weird, we...
  8. toodledoodler

    UGRENT: dog got to Guinea pig

    Hello, my dog Panda was unattended and my mum was supposed to watch that he didn’t get to my guinea pigs but failed - Morgan is fine but Panda was chasing Bumble. Bumble got terrified, naturally, both my mum and I searched him for injuries but he seems to have no visible damage, although the...
  9. J

    Hurt Leg :(

    My youngest guinea pig seemed to have hurt his front leg. I tried looking at it and it doesn't look swollen or have any scratches, but he keeps holding it when he walks. I'm pretty sure my oldest guinea pig did it to him (they are only a month apart but my youngest is the runt of the group). He...