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  1. Dipperoni

    Guinea Pig Insurance

    I'm just wondering if it is worth it to get my pigs insured. I'm getting two this summer, both around the age of 1. I know that vet bills can become very costly for larger issues and I don't have much money I'm able to put aside for that. If I do get pet insurance later on, what age would be...
  2. Diane H

    Insurance vs saving up

    I’m looking into insuring the guinea pigs I’ll be adopting in the near future and wondered if members preferred to take out guinea pig insurance over having a guinea saving pot for future vet bills? I’ve seen Exotic Direct, are they any good? If you save some money each month instead of taking...
  3. Meghan


    Does anyone know any good pet insurance for Guinea Pigs in the UK? Thanks in advance!
  4. Siikibam

    Insurance For Babies?

    I was looking at the insurance policy documents and it seems there's an exclusion for pigs younger than 12 weeks if i recall correctly. Wouldn't they be covered then?