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  1. Hundo

    After seperation Guinea is scared of people (Possible TW bad handling)

    Hi all, I'm going to leave a trigger warning for bad, some may call it horrible handling out before posting but this is going to be a post more about my own mistake or mistakes with handling guinea pigs as a new owner. I say "my" because my girlfriend wasn't involved in any of it. We ended up...
  2. D

    Advice on Moving My Guinea Pigs Cage

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I'm just looking for some advice about my Guinea pigs cage. It is currently situated in my bedroom/office and is a 2*4 c and c cage for my two boys (4 years old and 4 months old). I put it there because that is the room I spend all my time in, so I can talk to them...
  3. O

    Nighttime cage necessary?

    Hi all, we’re new to Guinea Pig ownership and having put our girls in an outdoor hutch we have decided to move them back indoors permanently. I have ordered a C&C open top cage but wondered about nighttime, should I put them in a closable cage then? Will their food attract mice into the house? I...