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  1. HeatherW

    Red stuff around eye

    Does anyone know what this could be? It only appears on Jasmine's right eye. I took her and Pickle to the vet yesterday about excessive scratching caused by mites (which are now gone, thankfully) and now this has appeared out of nowhere. Her eye is otherwise normal (if a little bit red in the...
  2. F

    Twitching, Irritated Gp

    I’m a bit concerned about one of my boys. He seems to be very irritated and sensitive when stroked. Usually when I handle him he is ok for a little while but after 15 minutes or so if I try to touch him he really flinches and twitches. He is behaving like they do if they have mites but with no...
  3. M

    Guinea Pig Has Red-ish Genitals?

    Sorry for the gross pictures, I just wanted to be sure. My other Guinea pig (both female) had a similar problem a few months before she passed. They're both are (and was) pretty young. Probably around 6 years old. Anyways, her genitals are pretty tender and she screams whenever I touch around...