itchy guinea pigs

  1. MeganSambrook

    Mites? Open Wound

    Hello, I’m new to the forum so I hope I am posting in the correct place. We’ve recently adopted a guineapig who we were told is 8 months old and had been attacked by a female guineapig in his cage. He has a superficial wound on his back which unfortunately he can reach with his back leg. He also...
  2. P

    Guinea pigs itching & scratching

    Hi I need help! I have 2 guinea pigs and they’re both itching and biting at their fur. I DON’T see any red spots, hair loss, or flakey skin. My pigs are still running around, popcorning, eating drinking and playing. I see no signs of stress just the itching and biting. I'm not sure if it’s mites...
  3. C

    Guinea pig Is Itchy But No Lice or Mites?! Help please

    i've had my guinea pig for a few months now and only about a week ago or two she started to itch her self a lot and bite. she has no signs of mites or lice, no hair loss, no appetite loss, no bold patches, not sensitive to touch, nothing. she just itches and scratches a lot like.. 1 time every...
  4. luckyandsammy

    Itchy Guinea Pigs

    About 4 weeks ago now my two guinea pigs started scratching a lot. They scratched about every 3 minutes and I thought it was kind of weird. I checked their fur and I didn't see anything (lice or fleas) so I thought it was mites. So on my way back from college I bought some Beaphar anti-parasite...