jaw pain

  1. N

    Dental Piggy had tongue entrapment due to malocclusion, went through multiple trimmings but still not eating:(

    Hi everyone, I really need your advice for my piggy Charlie, who is a one year old boy. Tl;dr : Charlie stopped eating and was diagnosed with a dental spur which was apparently entrapping his tongue. His spur was removed and he has had his molars trimmed but he still hasn't started eating on...
  2. doodlecountry

    Dental Meloxicam for long term use?

    I believe my guinea pig has jaw pain. She had jaw pain to the point where she gained a head tilt while eating “harder” foods. The vet couldn’t see anything visible but gave us meloxicam to use for a week. We did that and it helped. However it seems to have come back, not as badly but she seems...