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kidney stones

  1. Beans&Toast

    Powdery Pee?

    I was just cleaning the pigs cage out (I have fleece) and noticed a few dots of white/cream "paste" is the only word I can use to describe it. I used my finger to see what it was, it was a very powdery consistency so I'm thinking maybe too much calcium in their diet? I can't think how.. They...
  2. Kerrie74

    Advice Needed - Bladder And Kidney Stone Pig

    My son has just taken his guinea to the vets, he's had an xray and they've found a stone in his kidney and two in his bladder (tiny ones). The vet said to stop his pellets, lower his veg intake and give him lots of hay (he has lots of hay anyway). She said to give him painkillers and baytril...
  3. SixPigs

    Poorly Pig, 2 X Kidney Stones, Not Drinking Or Eating , Any Advice Please?

    Am new on here. Please help me. We have 5 guinea pigs and one of the eldest [4 1/2 yo] had stopped eating his veg and looked hunched and squinty eyes so we took to vet on Sat. He checked mouth [ok] and did bloods [all ok] and examined [all ok], but xray showed 2 kidney stones. I did see xray but...