1. WilfyPig

    Possible Renal Failure (Inc. Blood Results)

    Hi everyone, I've been an avid reader of TGPF for a few years now and appreciate all your content so much! I really need to crowdsource some opinions/experiences regarding renal failure in piggies please as my pig Wilf (4yrs 8 months old) has been ill for the past month. Apologies in advance...
  2. S

    How to decide whether to keep going or if it’s time? Issues after bladder flush.

    My guinea pig was sometimes crying when urinating but overall seemed in good health, eating and drinking well. On examination, he had a build up of gunk inside his penis shaft and they cleaned him up and suggested we have him sedated and scanned to check his bladder. On sedation, they found he...
  3. P

    Tumor near kidney

    I took one of my guinea pigs (Momo) to the vet today after he started acting weird. He wasnt eating and was sleeping too much so i got really worried. At the vet the doctor told me he bas a lump in his abdomen near his kidney. They dont know if its attached to his kidney or not or if its...
  4. R

    Kidneys? Heart? Help

    Hi, I have an approx 6 yo gpig who has lived with me for 4.5 years. She has been extremely healthy. Over the course of a week she went off pellets and hay, then gradually stopped all veg. My (supposedly) cavy savvy vet thinks X-rays show kidney disease, enlarged heart, either cancer/pneumonia...
  5. Fiona1987

    Guinea pig not eating

    Hello everyone, I’m wondering if I can get some advice or previous experience so I can help my little pig as I’m so uncertain what’s the best thing to do. I noticed my male guinea (3 1/2 years) eating and drinking less last Saturday afternoon. I decided to keep an eye on him for the rest of...
  6. moodysuzy

    Specialist Help with anaemic guinea pig with kidney disease

    Hi everyone, I want to start this off by saying that Edgar is under the care of an experienced piggy vet and I’m in communication with them regarding my concerns, but I also want to get your thoughts on him. Egdar is a pig who has had frequent UTIs since August 2020, they always respond to...