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laboured breathing

  1. C

    Recognising Signs of Heart Failure

    Hi everyone, I have a bonded neutered male and female pair that are rescues and I have had them exactly a month now. The little girl suddenly took a turn about two days ago and is exhibiting a lot of symptoms that align with heart failure: visible, laboured breathing where her whole abdomen...
  2. Gemm24

    Tiger, my heart is broken

    Hi everyone My baby Tiger has just turned 4 years 2 months and on Sunday evening she started with laboured breathing. She is spending her second night in critical care with oxygen at the vets but I have been told she has a mass near her kidney but she is too sick to do investigations. She is...
  3. Prasiddha

    My poor fluffy - sudden laboured breathing

    My girl fluffy is 11 months old. She has gone through series of illness and difficulties. Unexpected back to back pregnancy, URI and fur mites. At last past a month all got cured, she started gaining weight and was living happily. Even today morning she was good eating well and popcorning. It is...