1. Lilythepig2017

    Guinea Pig Loves To Jump Into Lap :d

    so when I have our my 4 month old girl in her play pen area and I’m in there with her the will jump into my lap every couple minutes, lick my hand, then go play and keep doing this. I didn’t think guinea pigs were so affectionate prior to owning them. But then I they really form...
  2. Guineapigfeet

    Lap-time Level: Expert

    This came up on my Facebook feed:
  3. Guineapigfeet

    First Time On The Sofa

    When the piglets came inside this evening I took them one at a time to the sofa to sit with my OH who wants them to be cuddlier! They were only with him for a couple of minutes each; BB went first and seemed to settle in his arms, Rey looked a bit worried the whole time but did wriggle unde the...