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  1. NJguineapigs

    Question about washing GuineaDad fleece liners

    Hello! New piggy owner here - two adorable little girls named S’mores and Snickers. We first tried the recycled care fresh paper bedding, but it goes everywhere. I just bought a GuineaDad fleece liner with pocket, and the instructions said to wash it first. I washed it alone on a quick cycle. It...
  2. C

    Fleece Bedding Laundry Nightmare

    So I have had a fleece liner for a long time now, and since I got tired of handwashing it, I decided to buy a pet laundry bag so I could wash it in the laundry machine. Yesterday, I tried out the laundry bag for the first time. I only have one fleece liner, so I placed that inside the bag and...
  3. S

    How to wash vetbed by hand?

    Hi! I have two amazing guinea pigs and I've just switched to using vetbed as their bedding. I was wondering if anyone knows how to wash their vetbed by hand and what kind of washing detergent to use as my vetbed is way too big to fit into the washing machine. Thanks! :)
  4. Lil3piggies

    Washing Fleece Bedding!

    Hi guys! I’ve recently changed to fleece bedding for Arty! ( I wanted to anyway but after his op the vet suggested it whilst his wounds heal). I’ve ordered myself a horse bag thing to use in the washing machine for hairs and hay, I’m just wondering if there is any perticular detergent you...
  5. Siikibam

    Horsewash Bag

    Will this or this wash bag do? They look to be the same as the one on amazon but cheaper. The amazon one isn’t available till next week!
  6. Siikibam

    These Boys!

    For the last few days Toffee has been wheeking when I walk past their cage. I've only given in a couple of times and given them a small sliver of cucumber or some spring greens/coriander. Now it's a case of just resisting Today they went outside for the first time. Wrong day as it was a little...