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lawn time

  1. Sonnet

    Bought a new run...

    So that the boys can both go out at the same time, rather than alternating them between one run. Spud; Humm...could get used to having my own space! Sprout: There’s no food, slave! This grass is boring!
  2. HeatherW

    Outdoor Run Recommendations

    Seeing as the nice weather is drawing closer, I've started looking at outdoor runs for my piggies. Do you have any recommendations? Ideally it would fold down so it can be stored away, but I obviously don't want it to be flimsy. Thank you!
  3. Celine298

    Our Little Photo Shoot

    Letting my guys outside for lawn-time is a problem because I'm in Ireland and it rains 360 days of the year here! :td: Generally, our lawn is too wet for the piggies. Lately though, I have begun letting them out on our patio. They get their exercise and can nibble at the lawn bordering the...
  4. Banbh

    Pepper Says...

    That she's fed up of grass, and would very much like to have a tastier treat, thank you very much!