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  1. Piggiesxoxo

    Not Eating Hay Or Drinking Water?

    Hi! I'm a New Guinea pig owner. He's about two months and his name is Pumpkin. He was doing well the first month I had him (got him when he was 1 month old) and was popcorning, wheeking, and exploring. But now going into the second month I noticed he's not being so active. Is he bored? Should I...
  2. Siikibam

    Is This Enough?

    That is the amount I give the boys twice a day. Is that enough do you think? Other question is I read they should only get 1-2 sprigs of coriander...is 4 sprigs x twice daily too much then? They do love it. About once or twice they have wheeked (loudly) when they've already had their...
  3. BenjiAndButtons

    How Doea Benji Know Its A Sunday

    Every sunday without fail, he has a lazy day, lounges in his cave all day sleeping, then comes out when he whistle cause he knows its dinner time, then off to bed again. (Do not even think about trying to get him out for a cuddle, not on his sunday) we worried the first time he did it, but...
  4. Beans&Toast

    Lazy Day Cuddles With My Girls

    A rare Sunday off work means a lazy day with my Mum, and lots of hugs for my beautiful girls:love: (I can't have cuddles with them together for too long because they fight over me :P)
  5. G

    Disoriented, Lazy And Wont Eate/drink

    I'm currently with my girlfriend and she has 3 guinea pigs. One of them suddenly got sick. We checked on them about an hour ago and they were all fine. Now one of them is disoriented (refuses to walk and falls over and cant get up again) and she wont eat or drink... She is only almoste 2 months...
  6. kitkat1

    Lazy Piggies?

    So I have had my pigs for about 4 months. I've been watching guinea pig videos on youtube and I noticed that my pigs aren't as active as other people's. They will sometimes walk around but they mostly just lay down and eat. Is this normal behavior? I usually take them out once a day to get some...