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leaking water bottle

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    Good water bottle for piggie with special needs?

    Hello guys! I have a guinea pig, Momo, with a couple different chronic health issues and want to find a water bottle that really will leak a lot less for her. She has a head tilt and some balance issues that make her a bit unsteady, but she gets along well and eats and drinks independently...
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    Water bottles

    Hi, I’m looking for some water bottle recommendations in the uk. I’ve just recently got the pets at home glass water bottle and I’m finding it quite problematic. I’ve switched from the ferplast plastic bottle as it was leaking really badly, I had multiple of those and it didn’t matter they all...
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    Help? My guinea pigs won't stop strangling their water bottle!

    Hello everyone? uh, this is kind of awkward because I've never posted on this kind of site before, but I'm doing it because I'm desperate. Hopefully I can get some answers rather quickly.. I have a problem that's pretty much what the title claims. My guinea pigs will NOT stop torturing and pulling...