1. Y

    Guinea pig leg

    hay, every few minutes my guinea pig leg rotating very fast... what does that mean?
  2. J

    Hurt Leg :(

    My youngest guinea pig seemed to have hurt his front leg. I tried looking at it and it doesn't look swollen or have any scratches, but he keeps holding it when he walks. I'm pretty sure my oldest guinea pig did it to him (they are only a month apart but my youngest is the runt of the group). He...
  3. TheLottiediarys

    Igor (hamster) Is Holding His Leg Funny?

    I noticed tonight while spot cleaning the cages that Igor my winter white dwarf is holding his back leg a little funny? I've got video of it Not sure if other people can see. He's holding it up a little bit and isn't really putting it down to walk But he does place it on the floor sometimes and...