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  1. MorskoPrase

    Lethal Whites or just blind PEWs?

    Hello. I recently adopted two young guinea pig boars who needed a home from someone who had an accidental litter. They both are white with red eyes. Their father was a white guinea pig with red eyes and I think the mother was as well. When I took them home, after some interaction and...
  2. winnie

    Little Lethal Luna ❤

    I haven't been on here for quite a while and in that time I have lost a couple of my elderly boys and have hot a couple of new girls so I wanted to introduce you. This is Luna she is a lethal guinea pig, I rescued her from a pet store who told me she was 16 weeks old and there wasn't anything...
  3. honeybakedhann_

    New Pig Mystery Illness

    Hi my name is Hannah Grace and I just recently got a pig. I have had five pigs in past with various medical issues like blindness, URIs, etc. but I can't seem to figure out what is wrong with this baby. I received Vega from a neighbor too days ago who realized maybe a live pet for Christmas is...