lethargic tired

  1. piggyGin

    I'm super worried about my piggy :(

    Hi everyone! how are you all doing? I have few questions as I'm worried about my piggy Gin. He is eating and drinking, eats snacks, a little bit of pellets, and a lot of hay. He was pooping a lot more than usual for 2-3 days, but yesterday and today it's normal again. My concern is that he...
  2. PandaBaird

    One Of My Girls Seems Lethargic And Refused Her Carrots

    She is around 2, she's one of four of mine and this is the first time that I've put carrots in and she hasn't ate them she just sniffed and went back to her bed which she's been resting in most of the day which is unusual, but she did come to eat with the others when I set lettuce out and then...