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lily and lola

  1. Chief Guinea Pig

    Here Come The Girls

    It's been a while since I last posted some photos of Lily and Lola
  2. Chief Guinea Pig

    To You To Me

    After Lola's hay poke she is playing a game of chuckle sisters with Lily... To you To me To you To me Problem?
  3. Chief Guinea Pig

    Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween from me and the piggies The set
  4. Chief Guinea Pig

    Poor Sofa Crack

    Had the piggies out for cuddles, Lily did two poops on her grandma which we removed onto some kitchen roll, then brought down Lola, didn't think she did any poops, but when my mum stood up we found powdered poop all near the sofa crack and her trousers are now in the wash! Oops!
  5. Chief Guinea Pig

    Bed & Breakfast

    @Kerrie74 @biscandmatt @Drezella (Can't remember who I normally tag XD)
  6. Chief Guinea Pig

    Poop Pillow

    Looks comfy putting your head on a piece of poop, Lola... @Kerrie74 @biscandmatt @Drezella @TheAurora (I can't remember other members that like to see photos of the girls XD sorry if I missed you)
  7. Chief Guinea Pig

    All Things Chooken

    Say what!? What was that you said? CHOOKENS! @Kerrie74 I'll tag you this time @biscandmatt :))