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  1. Casady R

    Sudden Death

    I had two piggies about 6 months ago and both were well fed with hay and had fresh water. I take them out of the cage and let them roam around my room for exercise but make sure they don't eat anything while they are out. One afternoon I left for work and didn't come back until the next day only...
  2. T

    Poorly Piggy

    My piggy isn't moving eating or drinking, or making any noise, he was fine this morning but as I came home from college my mum found him in isn't cage limp, she thinks it was fighting with my other pig, she separated them and he is still in the same state he is moving more but still not much, I...
  3. S

    Floppy/limp Guinea Pig?

    I have a 3yr/old boar that has been pretty healthy his whole life. Until recently, that is. He's been feeling kinda lifeless and floppy, not dead though. I look it up and it says something about having a stroke, and I know that they're subject to heat stroke and it's been REALLY hot in Oregon...
  4. M

    Piggie Not Eating And Is Limp

    My female Guinea pig, Lucky, is around 4 years old, give or take. We bought her at Petco and have gotten a defect Guinea pig from there before we'd gotten Lucky and Rees (my other pig), so maybe I should've learned my lesson. Yesterday morning I put a pile of carrots and celery and hay in...