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limping on front paw

  1. L

    URGENT. Please advise on 6 week old baby piggy MEDICAL.

    Hello, Today my 6 week old guinea pig suddenly started limping in morning front left foot. We went to the vet and they said XRAY shows the humerus and long bones are good, but hard to see the wrist bones, likely a sprain, (gave Gabapentin) and small cage rest separate from his 2 brothers (6...
  2. Beans&Toast

    Beans Is Limping On Front Paw

    I cannot believe the run of bad luck both Beans and Toast are having, Beans is really getting it hard just now though I could cry. In the space of a month I've had her at the vets (usually emergency vets) 4 times. 1st because she temporarily lost the use of her back legs due to pain from...
  3. SandyLola

    Limping 8 Month Year Old Female Guinea Pig :(

    Today we went to feed our Guinea pigs their vegetables ( pepper cale and cabbage). We hardly change their veggie diet. Our little baby piggie Lola started to limp around the cage, we were very worried about what she had done. Lately her sister who was in the same batch when we got her from the...