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  1. thedosboys

    Fleece bedding & alternatives?

    So I use fleece bedding and I want to keep my pigs clean and healthy. Manny has a small case of bumble foot (it's being treated) and I wonder if it increased when I brought him home. On the bottom I put a heavy duty shower curtain, a toddler mattress protective sheet(wicked)(it also is...
  2. jaqs

    Liners & Cleaning

    So as time is going on i am beginning to smell the distinct guinea smell from my two skinny pigs and wondered if anyone can advise me what is the best way to wash fleece/liners? as i wash them 40 sometimes 60oC and can still smell the Pee smell on the liners even after washing them at these...
  3. S

    What to put at the bottom of the cage?

    Hi we are New Guinea pig owners ( I had Guinea pigs when I was a teenager a while ago). What’s best to put at the bottom of a cage, we have a Kavve fleece at the bottom. We have some puppy pads and some normal fleeces to go on the bottom when we do the big clean out. I’ve heard sawdust isn’t...
  4. G


    I wanted to ask who used ikea fleece blankets as their cage liners and can you tell me if you recommend them or not. Thank you ❤️
  5. V

    Fleece Liners - Layering Uhaul Pads

    I'm getting my supplies reading so I can start making my own fleece liners! I'm so excited! Just ordered two extra large uhaul pads 150x300 cm! What do you guys recommend? One layer of uhaul pads or two layers of uhaul pads? Andy why? I'm still hesatating about how to cut up the uhaul pads...
  6. V

    Wellness Fleece

    Are there any piggy owners who's using wellness fleece instead of polar or blizzard fleece? Do you like to use wellness fleece?
  7. CandECosies

    Cande Cosies Are Back (hopefully For Good)

    Hi All, Hope everyone on this fab site are keeping well and obviously that includes all their piggies as well :) As some of you have been aware, we have been away ... back ... away ... back now quite a lot over the last 18 months due to pregnancy, family member passing, giving birth and moving...