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lip sore

  1. Laura M.

    lip infection?

    I went to see my guinea pigs after over 24 hours away from them (my Mum looked after them) and I saw something on one's lip. It was like a bit of feeding hay stuck to his lip with dried up pellet mush. Ten minutes later I came back with a wet cotton bud and my Mum. When I came back it looked...
  2. T

    What is wrong with his lip?

    I’ve attached an image below of Teddy’s lip, I have read some where that it could just be chapped lips however I’m not to sure. He lives outside and it is colder outside in the current months however I’m not sure, if it is what do I do to help him?
  3. Beans&Toast

    Beans Has A Sore/scab On Her Mouth.

    On Monday I noticed Beans had a bit of a scab on her lip, only on 1 side. I thought I'll keep an eye on it and see how it goes because it didn't seem to be bothering her, so I just kept it clean with warm water and used a cream from gorgeous guineas. Well today it looks worse, bigger and I'm...
  4. AdamFrench

    Anyone Had Experience With This Lip Sore?

    Hi Does anyone have any experience with lip sores? I've just noticed a sore in the corner of Belles mouth (a photo attached). It hasn't affected her eating, or behaviour at all but doesn't exactly look healthy. We'll be making an appointment at the vets asap, just trying to get a bit insight...