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  1. Hannahb2804

    What to put in a litter tray?

    Hi just wondering what’s best to put in a litter tray? I was thinking meadow hay & newspaper but I want whatever is safest for them and what will keep them healthy and comfortable so should I use propper litter? Any suggestions would be fab!
  2. Chip Lillis

    Safe litter for Guinea pigs?

    Hey everyone! With the quarantine and everything going on, I’m not able to head out to get the litter I normally do for my food area. I found this unscented paper litter for cats on amazon and I was wondering if it’s safe for piggies? There were people safely using it for rabbits in the reviews...
  3. Flinty

    Can I use this for litter?

    Hello all, I hope you're staying safe and sane in these strange times. I ordered some hay recently and received the wrong order, which means I've just found myself with two large bags of wood based cat litter, and before I pass them on was wondering if it would be ok in the piggy's litter...
  4. E

    Litter Box and Introduction Questions

    I currently have a black guinea pig named Mon that I adopted. I got him but didn’t realize he needed friends at first. So I’m going to build a bigger cage and am about to introduce two new guinea pigs, Milo and Neeko, in a few days. These two have already lived together for a while and have no...
  5. dannif_piggies

    Those of you that have a hay box...

    Hey guys, those of you that have a dedicated hay box, rather than a hay rack or just using hay as bedding, what do you use below the hay? I would love to have a dedicated hay section/box for the piggies especially Willow as she is always jumping in the hay rack to run through it... I used to...
  6. ginnyweasley

    Feeding Baby Guniea Pigs?

    I don't own guinea pigs yet but I plan on getting two young ones. I read that it's best to give young pigs alfalfa instead of the usual timothy hay, I plan on giving them alfalfa pellets should I still give them alfalfa hay as well or is that overkill? Also if I should give them alfalfa hay does...
  7. buttonlove

    Best Litter Tray Bedding

    Hi all, So, I have a 2x6 c&c cage. Two thirds of it is fleece & I'm very happy with that. In the other third, I currently have carefresh which is in the 'kitchen' area. As much as I love Carefresh & the colours you can get, it's pretty pricey! We're in the process of moving, this means I'm...
  8. P

    Cage Setup Question

    Hi! I'm new to these forums and am currently looking forward to taking in two young pigs in a couple weeks once they come of age to be separated from their mother. A friend of mine got a wrongly sexed pig from the pet store and ended up with a pregnant pig. I've had several pigs in the past but...
  9. Zoe's Piggies

    Litter Training Advice Needed!

    I've had my 2 new male guinea pigs for 2 weeks now and have been trying to litter train them. They are 8 weeks and 6 weeks old. I have a small kitten litter box in their cage; I use 100% paper bedding as the litter. I feed them around their litter area because I know they tend to poop and pee...