living together

  1. A

    Spayed/neutered combos?

    Hi all! I am wondering if anyone has ever had any success with certain combinations of guinea pig bonding/living. We have 2 young boys (Darth Sidious "Sid" and Chewbaca "Chewie"). Currently, we are not looking to expand our herd, but looking at all those unwanted piggies on craigslist makes my...
  2. Nikolapalak

    Guinea pigs and rabbit

    Hi all, I’ve got two guinea pigs and I was just wondering if it’s ok to get a rabbit as well? Of course I wouldn’t keep them in the same cage or close to each other, they would literally only be in the same flat. I wouldn’t let them be with each other at all. Are there any risks with them...
  3. M

    Help With Bonding

    Hi there, I recently got a cage mate for my 3-4 month old boar. My new piggy is about 2 months old. I have had them separated and have just started to introduce them on neutral ground. Marble, my older male, has continued to live in his hutch while Jinx, my new male, has been living in a cage...
  4. E_Blackaby

    Double Hutch Idea!

    Hi! So I'm pretty sure the standard hutch for most people housing their Guinea pigs outside is the classic 2 storey wooden hutch (probably from pets at home) Basically I have had 7 pigs in my life and out of all of them only 1 has ever learnt to use the stairs in the hutch which essentially...
  5. Sach15

    Male And Female Guinea Pigs

    I have 6 sows and 1 boar. The boar is coming up to 3 weeks so we are going to separate him from the sows. We are not sure whether to get him castrated and them put him back in with the sows or just separate him and get him a friend. They live in a 6x4 shed with boxes etc. Could you keep him in...