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lone boar

  1. T

    Lone Guinea Pig

    Hello, I am looking for advice please. Our guinea pig Bertie is currently living alone after his brother unexpectedly passed away 3 weeks ago. Whilst he seems very happy and content at the moment, we would like to get him a new friend. The problem is that this isn't our first rodeo and we...
  2. Rufus&Edward

    Lone guinea pig again- what to do?

    I have two guinea pigs- Edward (7 years old) and Leo (coming up to 5). Leo was a rescue piggy who came to live with us when Edward's original buddy sadly died at a young age from various health problems. We've always said that they would be our last piggies as a lot has changed in our lives...
  3. E

    Enrichment for a singleton

    Hi guys, I'm fostering a 6 month old boar soon! He'll be being neutered under my care then put up for adoption to go join another singleton or herd. I want to make sure that he's as occupied as possible being a lone six month old boy. Any recommendations of quirky ways to keep a lone...
  4. B

    Lonely male pig

    Hi everyone, i need some help so any advice is appreciated. i have 3 male pigs, but one had to be separated from the other two due to aggression. I know pigs arent supposed to be alone but i didnt want to rehome him. For the first month everything was fine, hes been eating and drinking and...
  5. emmyk89

    Don't understand new lone pigs behaviour

    Hello! I was a pig owner a few years back I had 2 boars who were brothers and bonded. 5 days ago I rescued a single 1yo boar who was advertised online in a little cage totally unsuitable for a pig so I took him in, with the intention to get him a friend within the next couple of months...
  6. K

    Losing a brother.

    Hi everyone. Unfortunately today one of my piggies lost his battle with an infection :( He was sick and old and it was just his time to leave us. Unfortunately he has left behind his brother, who’s been with him pretty much all of his life. I don’t really have the energy for a new pig, so I know...
  7. D

    Lone guinea pig - what to do?

    About 2 weeks ago, we picked up a lone little boy from a breeder. The breeder sold him alone because he was born in a litter of only girls, and all of the other baby guinea pigs from that breeder were also little girls. Very early on, the breeder isolated our little guy away from his mum and...
  8. DaveyCavy

    2-year-old Rescue Cavy Hates Floor Time

    Hello folks! First-time poster, long-time lurker. :) I adopted Davey, a 2-year-old unaltered Peruvian boar, from my local shelter about 2 months ago. He's settled in reasonably well (he just got a new 2x3 C&C cage) and he has a perfectly clean bill of health from the vet. I want to find a...
  9. Gemm24

    Lone Guinea Pig

    hello! I have just been to pets at home for a specific toy my Guineas love and I saw a lone male Guinea in the adoption area. He is gorgeous (I know all piggies are) and I was told he has no health probs but is on his own because he "bullies" the others and can only be housed alone. He has...
  10. RJade

    Is My Pig Alright On His Own?

    Two posts in two days! I'm just looking for anyone's insight into owning single guinea pigs. I'm not in a situation where I can add another guinea pig to my single boar(I had to seperate my trio due to fights) to make a pair currently. He doesn't seem depressed, he eats well and is interested...
  11. fueloficarus

    Bereaved Question

    Hello all. New here. Yes, I read the above threads, but as you all know when this happens you still have to ask. So, we lost a pig yesterday. Truffles. He died very quickly, as did his brother (actual brother, from the same litter, who passed away about 4 months ago). They were bought from a...
  12. W

    Sweet Dreams Fudge

    Sweet dreams little Fudge, you fought bravely and captured our hearts with your cheeky nature.
  13. Celine298

    Solo Piggy

    Hey guys,I wasn't sure where to post this one so I'm going with daily care! I'm a Mum to a solo pig, Sunny. Yep, that's right, I have one boar. I know it's ideal to keep two pigs or more for company, and I'll admit I was worried as to how he would get on by himself. My intention is to wait...