lonley guinea pig

  1. Avior

    One of our two piggies died a few days ago, what should we do?

    A few days ago, one of our pigs, buttons, died due to old age. A peaceful death in her sleep. Our remaining pig, doughnuts, has been moved to another cage because we feared that if we put her back in the old one without her sister, she might give up. I know a lot of people say to get another...
  2. Opossum_fur

    Need advice I think my piggy is depressed?

    Hello, I just made a post last night about my poor Hobbes in the Health and Wellness thread. Sadly my poor baby passed away last night and I’m heartbroken :( Hobbes was bonded to another male I have named Calvin. I’m starting to notice now that Calvin eats a bit less now before he would run to...