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loose tooth

  1. Puddles1999

    Lost both bottom incisors

    Hi everyone. So a few weeks ago penelope had broke her top left incisor. Didn’t really cause any issues, had the opposing one filed as it grew a bit long and that was it. It grew back in just fine. A week or 2 later, she breaks off her top right incisor. Same thing. Ended up being fine. I...
  2. Kirbs

    help asap! - Bad fall with bleeding mouth and coughing

    My guinea pig fell from quite a height. He is walking fine but is coughing quite a bit and the inside of his mouth is bleeding. I can't take him to the vet as they don't do emergency appointments. Do I need to worry? :(((
  3. Speedy Piggie

    Loose Tooth!? !urgent!

    Hello! I'm quite a new guinea pig owner so i don't really know what to do!? Basically, my guinea pig has a loose tooth. Whilst the other tooth looks shorter.. 1st of all, I am scared that my guinea pig's tooth is broken, cause this Youtuber has had a guinea pig with a broken tooth and that obv...