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loss of appetite

  1. Teema

    Critical Care, confused?

    Hi everybody, sorry me again regarding Pipsqueak and the bladder sludge saga! We have ran out of critical care and the last bag we had was out of date so had to be chucked! Until Amazon can get us a delivery, we asked the vet if there was anything they can give us. They have given us CCF...
  2. KatieK

    Recovering Piggy Won’t Eat Normally

    Hi Everyone! My precious little Toto (4.5 years) has been having a few health problems lately - one after another it seems. It started with a runny/gunky eye, and then a dental abscess and on-off tummy pain/stopping pooping. He seems to be prone to any pain related issues affecting his guts...
  3. N

    Elderly guinea pig appetite

    Hi everyone, it’s been a while since i posted here but Nox has been having some recent troubles so here goes... Nox is almost 6 and a half and I am so grateful hes lasted this long. He’s always been a very chunky, sassy old man. However, recently he’s lost around 300 grams. (He was previously...
  4. M

    Worried about Piggy’s condition a day after sedation

    At 11:30am yesterday (Monday) morning (about 25/26 hours ago) my boy Piggy was sedated (not fully anaesthetised) to have a molar filed down. I had started to notice that his poops were softer than usual at the beginning of last week and realised he wasn't eating and barely pooping...
  5. biotechanna

    Poor piggy still ill after a month

    Hi, I'm posting regarding my 3.5yo guinea pig, Lazarus. He started to show symptoms about a month ago (loss of appetite, puffed up fur, lethargy, pooping less, crusty eyes). As soon as he started showing symptoms, I brought him to the vet. He did a course of Baytril for a URI and Terramycin eye...
  6. T

    Bladder stone

    Hi everyone, I’m new here and I’m desperate for some help. My 3 and a half year old Guinea pig Nyla was diagnosed with a bladder stone about 2 weeks ago. The day of surgery, she actually passed the stone on her own and surgery was no longer needed. She was giving an extensive list of...
  7. M

    Lost my 8 month old boar today

    My young rescue guinea pig Binx was playing and eating just fine until Sunday. He is 8 months old, 5 of those months spent with us. He is housed with his buddy in a 6x3 C&c cage indoors and enjoyed a variety of veggies and hay each day. On Sunday I noticed he stopped eating and drinking and...
  8. Ruby200e

    Loss of appetite, feed critical care?

    Chorizo was doing really well, but out of nowhere, all he does is sleep and doesn’t even squeak for food, compared to his cage mate, Tiny, he doesn’t eat or drink water. He seems depressed:( I’m scared something may be wrong with him, he used to be such a sweet little piggie and always...
  9. Nicky71

    Post Antibiotic Care .

    My neutered boar , Toffee, has been on a week long course of antibiotics to treat a URI. He seems to be over the URI now but he is very much not himself . He mostly sits still , somewhat hunched and with his chin on the floor . His coat looks a different condition too.He will eat a little if...