loss of balance

  1. N

    Guinea pig off balance

    Bucky my guinea pig who is about 2 and a half years old within the last couple of hours has been off balance and vaguely twitching. For the couple days leading up to now he hasn't been eating all that much hay, his diet otherwise is normal as far as I know with the research I had done on...
  2. Laura M.

    Muddy keep falling on his back

    My 2-ish-year-old boar has fallen onto his back 3 times in the last ten minutes. I think he overbalanced when itching himself, we always knew he had a large bottom. He has mites, so we have ordered Ivermectin as recommended by the person who bonded him with Pixie for us. When he falls on his...
  3. M

    Lost my 8 month old boar today

    My young rescue guinea pig Binx was playing and eating just fine until Sunday. He is 8 months old, 5 of those months spent with us. He is housed with his buddy in a 6x3 C&c cage indoors and enjoyed a variety of veggies and hay each day. On Sunday I noticed he stopped eating and drinking and...
  4. A

    My skinny pig is still tilting his head after treatment for an ear infection and his left eye is swollen.

    My skinny pig is 10 months old. He had an ear infection and strep throat the beginning of November and he was on an antibiotics for 2 weeks. He's eating, drinking water, chirping and seems like his old self but his head is still tilted and one eye is swollen or one eye is bigger than the other...
  5. PipandOreo

    Senior guinea pig has lost her balance

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this because I’m quite worried and upset about my poor pig. Pip is over 6 years old and has suddenly lost her balance this afternoon. I first noticed this when I saw her fall on her side whilst watching her today. She has then been...