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lost weight

  1. Puddles1999

    Gradual weight loss & ovarian cysts

    Hi everyone. I posted a few months back about my Minnie losing a bit of weight. She was always around 1000 and she dropped down to 880-890. She maintained around there until this month. She went from 860 to 843 and then 3 days later to 794. She’s since been checked by a vet and she said she...
  2. Luvx

    Does critical care help guinea pigs gain weight?

    Hi. I have a guinea pig who is around 3? years old and he has gotten skinny, (but not life threatening thankfully!) I realized his cage mate has been stealing food from him so I ordered pellets, a new cage for separation, and critical care. my guinea pig DOES eat still but I just want to know...
  3. M

    Guinea pig lost weight and front teeth

    Hellowww ! I have a guinea pig hes 1 year and 8 months. He had diarrhea on friday, and then a impaction on saturday and went to the vet sunday and got critical care, inflammatory meds and vitamin c medicine. At the vet he was very stressed and irritated, and at his second appointment on monday...
  4. Io341

    Stubborn URI and need advice

    Hi. My little pig Amelia has been suffering from some sort of lung problem for months now, and it just isn't getting any better. She went to the emergency vet as soon as we noticed something but were told she was fine and given a 1 week precautionary course of Baytril, which didn't help...
  5. L

    Trouble eating

    Hi, I noticed today that one of my guinea pigs is having a little trouble eating. He recently suffered a trauma when one of my other boars managed to escape his own cage and into the neighboring one. He was injured with a very large bite wound to his lower back. It was over the weekend and we...