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  1. M

    Lost Guinea pig!

    Hello, I have lost my guinea pig named Chai earlier this morning (three-two hours ago). I have two (Chai and Mocha) both female. Chai is quick, shy, and not very social. I was walking home from the park and when I got close to a row of huge and thick bushes, she jumped into one very quickly. I...
  2. Anouk

    Escaped Piggy

    Hi my pig escaped yesterday night, I had a rescue piggy issue and she's nowhere to be seen in the house, what can I do to find her ? She might have ran out in the garden and I have no idea were she is, sent the night looking for her
  3. Braelyn

    Lost A Pig Inside My House.?

    Just barley a week ago I got 2 male piggies from separate adoptions and they've been somewhat getting along but mainly they are still terrified of me. I know it will take time but I'm in a mess right now. Their enclosure is in a spare room with a lot of stuff stacked around their space but it's...
  4. P

    Lost Guinea Pig

    Hello, A couple hours back we left our guinea pig out and now he is lost. We usually keep him out in our brick patio(?) so he can walk around explore and eat some of the grass that grows nearby. He usually always stays in one place, and we naively left him out and assumed that that would...